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Winter Fashion ideas you would like.

Winter Fashion Ideas. Hi guys!!. So lets talk weather and fashion. I’ll start. Honestly, I don’t like Winter. Its my least favorite weather. I know there are people who  prefer the cold weathers to warmer...

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Curiosity Kills The….. Copycat? Copycats/Obsession/Advice

“CURIOSITY KILLS THE… COPYCAT?”                                                                                                                                                                                            Hey you! Today I’m doing something different; I am letting my good friend write a post for my blog and she is writing on an issue that many...

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Ten things i do when I’m bored.

Ten things I do when I’m bored. Hi everyone, Odera here on the blog. So we all get bored at times. That weary feeling or lack of interest in current activity. It could happen...