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  1. Omoyeh says:

    Yes. Women must work as two heads are always better than one. But men must take the responsibility of providing with PRIDE. That’s all I know! The world is turning into something else with these stupid beliefs. Let society be society, and let your home be YOUR HOME!

  2. Seyifunmi Dada-Martins says:

    Miss S. happy sunday and thank you somuch for such an intelligent food for thought. I think our present generation needs to learn and understand the meaning of equality and equity or roles and responsibilities. A man MUST know his roles and responsibilities in a home to lead his family if not he has lost it all. No man must give excuses for not being responsible under ‘ideal circumstances’. My thought!

  3. Joyce says:

    Yes i stand strongly for hardworking, ambitious and go getter women but men never indirectly sell your position as the HEAD to a woman or your wife… Am sorry Men… u have to earn been the “HEAD” Women b your man’s support system!!!

  4. Olu Abiola says:

    Yeah, this is very true. This topic has been a subject of discussion between myself and friends (some of which are females) and a lot tell me I still think African. “We are in Canada” they always say.
    As a man with Nigerian values (which I think made most Nigerian marriages work including my parents), a man should be the sole provider. When it comes to rent and bills and other miscellaneouses if possible (e.g car break downs) a man should take charge – I don’t want my woman to go and start barganing with a mechanic and stuff.
    For women, I think taking care of food and cooking, toiletries, air freshners, kitchen stuff and so on would be a way to complement the mans efforts. Again this is my own opinion as I do not know jack sh*t (pardon my french) about these things. In most instances I just eat for fuel and never really enjoy food neither do I really care about air fresheners and kitchen utensils. Some guys do, which is good but it isn’t my calling.
    I think both parties should also spoil each other once in a while as a “you are doing a good job” thing.
    Again, this is my opinion. – Olu

    • Odera's World says:

      Thank you Olu for your comment. Sometimes I think that men support the 50/50 debate because they simple want to get out of their responsibilities as men.

    • Sandra says:

      Thank you so much Tolu for your comment. I admire and respect men like you and it gives me hope for our generation. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment! If you’re not already, God is going to give you a woman who’ll support you till the very end and bless your home. I can feel it!

  5. Sandra osayi says:

    U nailed it !!!

  6. bonero says:

    Here’s my 2cents…. Men and women can never agree on this topic…. Especially African women. But last take this 3 steps backwards, if your man has/sees the need to tell you about ‘splitting’, it means you haven’t shown him enough to see you as a ‘supports’ hence the need for clarity. Times have changed. We are no longer in the generation where the wife is the ‘housewife’ and the man is the ‘provider’. We look at our parents who practiced the same and we emulate because we think it’s perfect but ask them (if they’ll ever tell the truth), they’ll tell you if they could take it back, they’d do it a different way. Let’s not also get it misconstrued, most men who want their wife to be housewives are the typical old school African men who see women as nothing but subjects. There is a huge difference between the wife pitching in her her doing ‘blue’s joba.. Let me explain… blue job is car service, cutting the gtass/lawn, changing in light bulbs and other miscellaneous around the house. That’s not the same as working and pitching in your own fare share. Marriage is a partnership. We’re in this together. The 2 became 1… meaning 1+1 = 1… do the math logically and it adds up. So take it from a guy who’s had relationship experiencea and has had the older generation truly open up to me about their true feelings of the pros and cons of their generation vs ours…. It’s absolutely normal for the lady to be a PARTNER and not just a SUPPORTing cast in the institution of marriage. And YES, it makes a whole lot of difference that this it’s North America vs Africa… monthly bills vs Yearly bills… free /under the table money vs every penny worked for money

  7. bonero says:

    My first comment was me trying to be modest.. This is me keeping it 100… in this age and time when we have women running to be the leader of the freeworld, a lot of people are here propping up the fact that a woman should just be a supporting cast. I’m really dissappointed with some of these comments and it saddens me that most of you idolize Jay and B, Tom Brady and Giselle but always leave out the part that their wives are equally as hardworking and sometimes even more hardworking which is what makes them a power couple. Keep thinkin all you have to do is SUPPORT and you’ll see that in the end, you’ll both be average… 2 heads are better than 1 and half. Do we wanna go back to the generation of our parents where women didn’t have a voice mainly because they didn’t pitch in or do we wanna Forge our own paths and become a power couple… ball is in your court…

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